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Why exchange?? Exchange is the central theme. Exchange in conversation, learning process, exchange with another culture, and the internal exchange that happens as we develop our artwork. This is an opportunity to work with other artists, exchange ideas, develop new relationships, network, have new influences, experiment, and explore other aspects of creativity and ideas. For a group experience, there is the opportunity for creating memories, sharing inspirations, and the development of relationships.

The program is flexible,1 week to 3 months, with preference, and price-break, for longer stays. Groups are encouraged. The studio is fully equipped with 1 large high-fire electric kiln, wheels, tables, tools, underglazes, glaze making materials and a clear glaze. Other arts can be accommodated. We can create a space for exhibition as work develops. Four clays are available to purchase prior to arrival, and all subsequent visits to suppliers can be arranged.

All artists have available assistance in any area they need. Artists are free to work at their leisure.

Private lessons and individually designed courses are available for an additional charge. Clay and firings are sold separately.

Application Process

Residency Application

See Contact Page to send your message or questions! Contact

Residencies of 1 week to 3 months are available. There is a price break for the 2 and 3 Month Residency. For ceramic residency a 3 week residency is suggested as a minimum to complete work to be able to ship.

For all Residencies, please send the following:

  • A brief statement of intention
  • Resume/ CV
  • 4-6 images or website
  • Requested dates

Group - If applying as a group: brief statement of request/intention, with members names, 4 images or website and Requested dates

Weekly residency: Send me your request or idea and requested dates

There is a price break for the 2- and 3- Month Residency

Structured Program Private lessons:

The structured program is available to all levels of ceramic students. The prices are for an individually designed structure practice for 2 weeks, which has the possibility of expanding to 4 weeks. Included is the use of the studio to practice. Clay is purchased separately.

  • 2-week Beginner’s course
  • 2-week course for intermediate and advanced
  • Month long program available
  • Deposit fee required within 10 days of acceptance notification
  • Monthly fee required 1 month in advance of start-date
  • Weekly program fee due prior to start date as scheduled
  • 3-Month program fee - first month due 1 month prior to start date - monthly payments for the consecutive months.
  • Deposits are refundable 2 months prior to start date minus 10% fee for Residency Programs only


woman shaping clay with hands

Bring a group of students to exchange, experience, learn and discover! The programming for IaRex l’Atelier is flexible. The space is open to workshop proposals.

Time: 3-day workshops to 1 month

I have a formula for 3 options available of creating workshop fees. Send me an email for more information about how to price your workshop!


Send a Proposal with the following information:

  • Course Title and description
  • Requested dates
  • Fee requirement
  • Materials required

Use the Contact Page, or send an email to

Workshop Information

  • All fees for all workshops are due 2 months prior to the workshop start date. A deposit of 300€ is required at the time of sign up
  • Monthly payments are accepted for Workshops only
  • When you come to the IaRex l’Atelier for a workshop, you are welcomed to stay for 1 extra week for a reduced price of 125€ a week
  • Refunds available for workshop, minus a 20% fee, 2 months prior to workshop start date.

Reservation Confirmation

  • When the workshop is full you will be notified. Please wait until the confirmation email and phone call to buy tickets or reserve accommodations.
  • Included in workshops: Materials and firing. Weekday lunches are optional.

Additional Opportunities

In addition, the following 2.5-hour sessions

  • Birthday Party
  • Team Building Experience
  • Working with clay
  • Learn to Draw
  • Private Lessons
  • Wheel
  • Private Course development